Danielle Rees, PgDip., MBACP

BACP Registered Member

As a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I am bound by their Ethical Framework. This outlines my personal and professional responsibilities and commitments to you as a client.

The core principles of this framework are:

  • Being trustworthy: honouring the trust placed in the practitioner
  • Autonomy: respect for the client’s right to be self-governing
  • Beneficence: a commitment to promoting the client’s wellbeing
  • Non-maleficence: a commitment to avoiding harm to the client
  • Justice: the fair and impartial treatment of all clients and the provision of adequate services
  • Self-respect: fostering the practitioner’s self-knowledge, integrity and care for self

I have committed to working in a fair, non-judgmental, empathetic way that places client autonomy and well-being at the forefront of everything that I do.